Peaches and Pixie like 'apocalyptic' offerings at PPQ

With Pixie Lott and Peaches Geldof looking on, PPQ unveiled an album dedicated to the 'apocalyptic romance of winter'.

Pop princess Pixie was huddled front row between other famous faces with Caroline Flack and Lisa Snowdon.

But Peaches and her baby bump shunned the attention, instead opting to watch from a more private position backstage. Famous Fashion Models clung to rusty old bicycles as they tottered all along the shiny black runway in sombre hued ensembles.

Draping layers in mohair and movie star velvet gave aspect to the dark of night, with slashed backs and shawled collars oozing seduction.

Furry hotpants and heavily embellished leggings were a talking point, but more wearable garments integrated a series of beautiful monochrome gowns.

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