Rosemount sydney Fashion Week 2011: Alex Perry

Fashion Week News : Alex Perry's Cuban Princess Collection contrasted men's suiting with jaw dropping floor length gowns.

Described as "crisp upper class", Alex Perry's Spring or Summer Cuban Princess 2011 to 2012 show juxtaposed sharply tailored suit jackets with elegant floor length dresses.

Models sporting high, sleek ponytails sashayed down the catwalk in glowing silks bursting with color. Reds, oranges and purples liberated the shade palette, giving the show a festive, Spanish inspired feel.

"The inspiration was the Cuban Princess, so it was mainly based on the colors of turquoise, aqua, lime, tangerine," Perry said offstage. "I also took some stimulation from men's suiting for the women's jackets."

Perry also said he was looking to do some eveningwear that was "a little more current and a little bit younger in its feel."

"I was annoying to stay away from the classic fishtail dress. But there were a couple of black dresses in there, I just could not help myself!"

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